DeTomaso Pantera GTS For Sale

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I ordered this DeTomaso Pantera GTS in 1974 from Kumpf Lincoln Mercury in Denver. I took delivery of the car when it arrived at the dealership. (A picture of the original title is included) This DeTomaso Pantera has always been kept in a climate controlled garage under a car cover. The only times it has ever been wet is when I hand washed it. I drove this car approximately 700 miles the first year I owned it before I decided to turn it into one of my show cars.

I have built over 40 show cars over the years. Many of the cars I have built have won best-of-show and I have a lot of experience in building high quality show cars. I have always strived to find the highest quality expertise, workmanship and artistry when building my cars. Building this DeTomaso Pantera for my collection was certainly no exception. Building this DeTomaso Pantera took approximately three years at a cost well over $100,000.00 in the late 1970s. I managed every detail that went into modifying this DeTomaso Pantera into what you see pictured here. I first took it to a well-known engine builder to have the engine completely rebuilt for power and performance. It then went to a well-respected body shop to have the body customized. I took it to one of the top painters in the United States to have it painted with multiple shades of black pearl. It then went to the interior shop for custom black leather interior. Finally, all of the chrome parts were installed.

I have displayed this DeTomaso Pantera at numerous national auto shows where it won many trophies. There were only 138 DeTomaso GTS Panteras built in 1974 and this custom DeTomaso Pantera is truly one of a kind. If you look at the VIN number you will see the GT designation which proves that this is a true factory DeTomaso Pantera GTS. It has been custom built to the highest of standards and is probably one of the lowest original miles DeTomaso GTS Pantera you will ever find.

I currently have 20 show cars in my collection. As you can see by the pictures I have two DeTomaso Panteras. I need to make some room in my garage so I decided to sell this one.

Please call me if you have questions and more pictures are available upon requset.

This 1st picture shows the Pantera when it was new

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1972 Pantera GTS