We can bring a western flair to any promotion. Horse and buggy rides can be great fun for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, grand openings, holidays, employee appreciation parties, new product releases etc. We can design a custom adventure to fit any of your needs. Horses are great fun for kids of all ages. They can be used for horse tours through the Highline canal trails parks or mountains. They are also great for ferrying people to and from cookouts or special events. Add a horse to your next promotion and add a great memory.

Wouldn't it be impressive to bring the guests of your next party to your front door in a horse drawn carriage?


Ride a draft horse drawn buggy to and from your facility or back and forth from a parking area to add that extra western flair.


Horse rides or guided horse tours can make any get together more enjoyable.




Horses also add a fun element to a parade.


Any promotion would be custom designed to fit your needs and might require transportation of horses, equipment and staff. If you have a promotion in mind, please contact us for a consultation and price.