Iron Horse Country Club Lofo

All food will be prepared in a kitchen visible to the restaurant.  Food portions will be large and prices will be reasonable.

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This menu will consist of many items similar to those found on a Chili's or Hard Rock Cafe menu.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) There will many smoked beef, chicken, and pork items available.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) Many different types of stuffed baked potatoes will be available such as cheese-and-broccoli and barbecue beef, chicken, or pork.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) There will be an extensive assortment of finger-foods, including hot wings, cheese sticks, potato skins, french fries, etc.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) Fresh specialty seasoned potato chips will be cooked on-site in a visible potato chip machine and will be available to all customers free of charge.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) There will be a bar area separate from the rest of the restaurant with pool tables, shuffle board games, air hockey, and video games, including virtual reality games.

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