Iron Horse Country Club Logo

Our target customer is middle-to-upper class and is between 21-80 years of age.

These are people who enjoy having fun, eating good food, and have an interest in cars, motorcycles or just meeting people.

We will use all of the conventional marketing methods available and many unique marketing strategies.

Sph0812.gif (960 bytes)  Traditional Media

We will use professional quality television, radio, and print media for marketing maintenance and growth, as well as special events.

Sph0812.gif (960 bytes)  Employee Promotions

We will have our employees, in uniform, go to shopping centers and other areas where potential guests might congregate and pass out promotional material such as 2-for-1 drink cards, happy hour specials, 2-for-1 sandwich coupons, etc. We believe our employees are an integral part of our marketing staff. They will be paid an additional amount each and every day they work . This additional compensation will be provided for when they stop at three businesses everyday before they come to work and personally invite at least three potential guests from each business to come and join them for happy hour, after work, or for special events. So everyday on their way to work and in uniform, our employees will invite at least nine guests to Iron Horse Country Club. We will have special compensation for our employees who bring in the most guests over a given time period. All employees will wear an Iron Horse uniform.

Sph0812.gif (960 bytes)  Special Events

We will also have special events like car shows, motorcycle shows, car club competitions, show & shines, and any other imaginable event that will allow our guests to enjoy their hobbies, meet new friends and see old ones. During the summer we will have a motorcycle wash in the parking lot where our guests can get their motorcycles washed while they have lunch, dinner, or drinks. We will also sponsor events off-property and will work with a number of local charities to assist them with fund-raisers. We will bring in different celebrity's motorcycles and exotic cars for display from time to time.

Sph0812.gif (960 bytes)  Logo Wear

We will have an entire line of T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, shorts, bikinis, and other fun clothing apparel with the Iron Horse logo available for sale to our guests. A number of these clothing articles will also contain popular statements.

Sph0812.gif (960 bytes)  Contests

We will have a multitude of unique contests from time to time with prizes ranging from dinner and drinks for two to an all expense paid trip to Europe.

Sph0812.gif (960 bytes)  Sponsorship

We will sponsor both men's and women's athletic teams and have specials for some of the sport participants. An example of this would be softball and soccer teams getting a discount after their games. Iron Horse will have special pricing, with proof of attendance, after certain events such as concerts and sporting events. Iron Horse will also have special pricing for local car and motorcycle club members on certain nights and during certain times of the year.

Sph0812.gif (960 bytes)  Cooperation With Other Businesses

We will cooperate with other non-competitive businesses to cross promote our products. Iron Horse will have special plastic cards printed for its VIP and frequent guests which will entitle the holder to special privileges.

Sph0812.gif (960 bytes)  Iron Horse Billboard Bus

Iron Horse will have a bus painted like a billboard to transport its employees and or guests to select events. This vehicle will be parked in high traffic areas whenever possible.