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        The Iron Horse concept is a composite of all that we have accomplished and learned to date. For the past 37 years we have developed, built, and operated, from raw ground to final sales, some of the largest restaurants and entertainment facilities in the world. All of these have been successful and all have been far beyond the success range of normal operations.  For example, our first very large center was started in 1972 and operated for 32 years under the same management until closing in 2004. We have built a number of these facilities and operated them for many years.

        We hold success records all over the country, including the Sheraton Hotel franchise, for food, beverage, marketing, and hotel operations. We also have had some of the highest ratings issued by health departments. Over the years we have set many records for quality and excellence. Our research has taken us to the Far East, Europe, and all over the United States and Canada. Our success record is unmatched anywhere.

        The Iron Horse concept is founded on the principle that customers in the 21st century want good, medium priced finger-foods, hamburgers and sandwiches in a fun, well decorated environment that is designed to appeal to a number of interests which include cars, motorcycles, and other hobbies. We believe that customers of the late 90's and early 21st century are looking for what we are providing.  We have taken some of the best food and design combinations from our personal history and are keenly aware of the market's successes and failures. It is our absolute intent to give our guests exemplary service and food in a fun environment that they will want to spend many hours in while enjoying quality food and drink.

        Our price-value relationship is very positive from a customer point of view and extremely profitable from an operations point of view. When you take what we have learned and combine that knowledge and performance with our vision of the customers' desires for the 21st century, it is our conclusion that people will be spending more time eating and socializing away from home in a comfortable, unrestricting environment such as the one that we will be creating.

      The Iron Horse Country Club is a food and drink entertainment center that will be franchised in North America and the Far East. Iron Horse will serve great food and drinks from 11:00 am until 2:00 am and later where state laws permit. The food component consists of unique finger-foods and high-quality, medium priced lunch, dinner and happy hour items. The drink component consists of alcohol and non-alcohololic regular and specialty drinks which will be served in large glasses and mugs.

       Iron Horse Country Club will be a great place to meet old friends as well as new ones in a fun environment with great music, unique decorations and an environment conducive to spending many hours of fun-filled hob-knobbing.

Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) Location
1mcycle2.gif (983 bytes) The first location will be in Southeast Denver in the Denver Tech Center area. Further expansion is scheduled for Southwest Denver, Northwest Denver and Colorado Springs. Additional expansion will be scheduled by franchising this concept all over the United States and the Far East.
1mcycle2.gif (983 bytes) Each location of an Iron Horse Country Club must be in a highly visible area, preferably visible from two major streets or a freeway.
1mcycle2.gif (983 bytes) Accessibility is not as important as visibility.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) Uniforms
1mcycle2.gif (983 bytes) 90% of the staff of bartenders, waitresses, floor personnel will be female.
1mcycle2.gif (983 bytes) Females will wear a black leather vest, a black leather skirt or shorts, and color-coordinated accessories.
1mcycle2.gif (983 bytes) Males will wear a black leather vest, white button-up shirt, and black jeans.
1mcycle2.gif (983 bytes) Bike wash staff will wear short-shorts with a short or cut-off Iron Horse T-shirt.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) Training
1mcycle2.gif (983 bytes) The staff will be extensively trained in customer service and promotion.
1mcycle2.gif (983 bytes) Complete training and evaluation manuals are available at the corporate office.