Iron Horse Country Club Logo


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The building will be approximately 10,000 to 14,000 square feet.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) As the franchise grows, these buildings will have a distinct exterior design that will be easily recognizable as the Iron Horse Country Club.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) For real-estate value, these buildings will be designed to be convertible. Conversion possibilities are office buildings, medical or dental centers, retail stores, and many other possibilities.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) This building will be a low-maintenance structure.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) There will be ample parking to accommodate special car and motorcycle shows that will be held from time to time.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) The building will be decorated inside and outside with flags from racing events and countries around the world.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) There will be a huge outdoor patio with a garage door type wall separating it from the inside of the building. On nice days, these garage doors can be opened to virtually remove the wall separating the inside from the outside of the building.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) The exterior will have a motorcycle wash visible from the inside through huge windows.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) A large and very bold outdoor neon and fiber-optic sign will contain the Iron Horse Country Club Logo in red, purple, black and yellow. This sign will also contain an area to advertise special events.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) Inside the building there will be a drying area for the motorcycle wash, staffed primarily by women wearing short shorts and short Iron Horse T-shirts, to give Guests a view of their bikes as they are being dried.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) At times, when the motorcycle wash is not operating, this area will be used for displaying celebrity and special vehicles.
Sph0812.gif (960 bytes) There will be a separate area for the sale of signature hats, T-shirts, jackets, shorts, sweat-shirts, bandannas, sweaters, golf-shirts, vests, swim-wear, and other items bearing the Iron Horse Country Club Logo and various creative sayings.