1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SL Convertible (450 Engine)
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The 1972 350SL is the first year of this body style and the engine in 1972 produced higher horse power then the 350SL made in later years. Of the 2 engines available in 1972, this one has the larger 4.5 liter M117 iron block V8 version. The W107 chassis of the 280,350,380,450 and 560SLs was one of the longest running production bodies in the Diamler-Benz AG's line. Although most W107s are extremely well built and collectable, the most desirable and collectable of the W107s is the 1972 350SL with its features and higher horse-power. It is also the first V8 powered two-seater to be built at the Stuttgart, Germany factory. Part of what makes the 1972 W107 so desirable is the increased U.S. emissions and safety requirements starting in 1973 causing later models to be fitted with special crash bumpers and emissions control systems resulting in reduced overall look, performance and horse-power.

The NADA book for January through April 2011 quotes this automobile at an average price of $15,600.00 and a high value of $21,400.00.